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To increase happiness index of the villagers


Building scalable smart villages


Open Innovation,collaboration,co-innovation,empowering

Berkeley - Andhra Smart Village project is a collaborative initiative between Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and University of California Berkeley.

Smart Villages aim at empowering, improving, and connecting villages, while enabling sustainable development by leveraging Digital Technologies.

What is a Smart Village?

‘A community empowered by Digital Technologies and Open Innovation platforms to Access Global Market’

Elevating off-grid rural communities by forming partnerships with corporates and startups to promote self sustained communities.

It integrates technology and indigenous rural practices to generate sustainable revenue for the constituents, thus increasing overall standard of living and quality of life period, simultaneously creating economic, social, and environmental value.

It works towards community prosperity through collective strength by providing villagers tools to empower themselves through access to resources, knowledge, and global-connectivity.

CM vision



Perform Two Tests: 1.Global Brands interest in scaling their technologies in rural India. 2.Rural Villagers traction and readiness to accept digital technology.


Work with Villages and Technology Firms (45 Global Brands + 25 Startups) To Develop Scalable Business Models through Co-Innovation Process to: 1.Create Value for Rural People 2.Create Value for Global Brands 3.Create Value for the State